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Nhịp đập thị trường 13/06 – Đuối dần vào cuối phiên

Salisbury Ralph Lauren Italia pounds california college

Many of his sea gulls were in uniform last may when the shoremen visited sea gull stadium and left with a victory and a berth in the semifinals of the ncaa division iii match.But even newcomers like paul smith knew what was at stake when the two teams collided in what has been known as the”War this shore, and smith was inclined.The victory extended salisbury’s regular season winning streak to 35 games and put the sea gulls one win away from their second sequential undefeated regular season, the prepare told us, ‘if you come out flat and let them get on you, they’ll win, or”Said cruz, who scored four goals big butter jesus started pivotal five minute span of the first half. “All they go over is the ‘war on the shore’ and i’ve never been a part of it, so i just dreamed of being a part of it, another salisbury state sophomore attackman first team all american jason coffman taken part in last year’s quarterfinal loss.He took his revenge by adding to your investments two goals and two assists.Coffman’s aim came early, wonderful second, which gave the ocean gulls a 3 1 lead with 6:55 left within your first quarter, Was his 100th employment option goal.They stretched the lead to 8 2 on a pair of goals by smith and some other on an assist from smith to senior midfielder ryan murphy(Broadneck), We just wanted to pay attention to playing well for 60 minutes here today, Wanted to say Berkman. “If we play well and do the things that we’re able to perform, we like our chances of versus anybody, the fifth graded shoremen(7 4), Who suffered their first Division III loss yesterday to Gettysburg, Retracted to within four in the third quarter after two goals by Bart Jaeger and the fourth and final goal by Jason Paige.Smith closed out the third quarter scoring on an unassisted goal.Salisbury’s individual goalkeeper, erik callier, a graduate of bel air your childhood, had a lot about the fourth quarter shutout with eight of his 24 saves.Chris cote was one of three oregon college players who scored, final with two goals and three assists.Todd cliggett had two goals and two assists for the ocean gulls, and Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Italia then jamie carver(Southern carroll)Had two assists regarding shoremen, they were given great goaltending, and they took over the faceoffs[16 9], and if you do those certain things, you’re in relatively shape, said wa college coach terry corcoran. “We had our possibilities to score, but we got the doorway shut on us.We just weren’t able to break that five goal cushion,

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Tổng thanh khoản trên cả hai sàn đạt 111 triệu đơn vị, ứng 1,601 tỷ đồng. Lực cầu đuối dần về cuối phiên khiến VN-Index thu hẹp đà tăng. Kết phiên chỉ số này chỉ tăng nhẹ 0.71 điểm, hay 0.12% nằm ở 574.48. Thanh khoản trên HOSE đạt 72.4 triệu đơn vị, ứng 1,128 tỷ đồng.
HNX-Index kết phiên tăng nhẹ 0.39 điểm, hay 0.51%, nằm ở 76.68. Thanh khoản đạt 47 triệu đơn vị, ứng 484.3 tỷ đồng.
Nhóm bluechips như HPG, HSG và một số mã thuộc nhóm Bất động sản, Xây dựng như HUT, VCG, SAM, REE đã có phiên giao dịch tích cực khi kết phiên tăng khá mạnh. Ngoài ra, các penny như SHN, ITQ, ATA cũng không kém phần sôi động.
Ở chiều ngược lại, nhóm đỏ điểm trong 20 mã khớp lệnh nhiều có HT1, FLC, KLS, HAG, PVX. HT1 kết phiên giảm 4.7%, kết thúc chuỗi 5 phiên tăng mạnh liên tiếp trước đó.
Các mã trụ đỡ như GAS, VNM, VIC, BVH, MSN, BVH thì lình xình quanh mốc tham chiếu. Riêng BVH tăng 1.77% lên kết phiên ở 40,300 đồng/đơn vị.
Trong 24 nhóm ngành thì chỉ có 7 nhóm là đỏ điểm, 16 nhóm xanh điểm và 1 nhóm tham chiếu. Tăng mạnh nhất là nhóm SX Tôn thép, Nông – Lâm – Ngư và Bảo hiêm. Ngược lại CNTT-Truyền thông, Khai khoáng, DV Lưu trú và Giải trí là 3 nhóm giảm mạnh nhất. Chứng khoán là nhóm giảm mạnh thứ 4.