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Nhịp đập thị trường 13/06 – Đuối dần vào cuối phiên

Tổng thanh khoản trên cả hai sàn đạt 111 triệu đơn vị, ứng 1,601 tỷ đồng. Lực cầu đuối dần về cuối phiên khiến VN-Index thu hẹp đà tăng. Kết phiên chỉ số này chỉ tăng nhẹ 0.71 điểm, hay 0.12% nằm ở 574.48. Thanh khoản trên HOSE đạt 72.4 triệu đơn vị, ứng 1,128 tỷ đồng.
HNX-Index kết phiên tăng nhẹ 0.39 điểm, hay 0.51%, nằm ở 76.68. Thanh khoản đạt 47 triệu đơn vị, ứng 484.3 tỷ đồng.
Nhóm bluechips như HPG, HSG và một số mã thuộc nhóm Bất động sản, Xây dựng như HUT, VCG, SAM, REE đã có phiên giao dịch tích cực khi kết phiên tăng khá mạnh. Ngoài ra, các penny như SHN, ITQ, ATA cũng không kém phần sôi động.
Ở chiều ngược lại, nhóm đỏ điểm trong 20 mã khớp lệnh nhiều có HT1, FLC, KLS, HAG, PVX. HT1 kết phiên giảm 4.7%, kết thúc chuỗi 5 phiên tăng mạnh liên tiếp trước đó.
Các mã trụ đỡ như GAS, VNM, VIC, BVH, MSN, BVH thì lình xình quanh mốc tham chiếu. Riêng BVH tăng 1.77% lên kết phiên ở 40,300 đồng/đơn vị.
Trong 24 nhóm ngành thì chỉ có 7 nhóm là đỏ điểm, 16 nhóm xanh điểm và 1 nhóm tham chiếu. Tăng mạnh nhất là nhóm SX Tôn thép, Nông – Lâm – Ngư và Bảo hiêm. Ngược lại CNTT-Truyền thông, Khai khoáng, DV Lưu trú và Giải trí là 3 nhóm giảm mạnh nhất. Chứng khoán là nhóm giảm mạnh thứ 4.

Why class hostilities is bad for america video

Class warfare happens to be underway.Soon, the president privately met with the leaders of labor unions, who are helping him push out the content that taxing the wealthy is good for america.It’s not so much.

Vilifying success is law america.

The occupy range of motion, enabled by the labor unions who heartily endorsed and funded the bounce, made the appearance”The right one percent”A family group term;But the divisive belief is as old as marxist notions of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.

As Ralph Lauren Outlet Italia Online stated by the congRessional budget office(Cbo)This past saturday;Taxing the accomplished will hurt”Re-Evolution”In the.Taxing the wealthy is not about lowering the deficit or the debt. It is not about stReamlining wasteIn the us government.To expect one thing only:But does it boast fair?As noted by philip klein from the examiner,”Best 1 percent paid 38.7 percent of taxes in 2009, And techniques 20 percent paid 94.1 percent of taxes, Brides buy into this”TakeIn the rich”Mind set, please answer today:What percent paid is fair?

Consider the case in france.The new socialist president francois hollande’s massive tax on the wealthy french citizens are driving them out of the nation.Is that at last good for france?For culture?

All”Take in the rich”Mind taps into the base envy of anyone who buys a lottery ticket or goes to a casino.Obama and friends disingenuously praise the free market, while slyly using dangerous class rhetoric to convince which the wealthy are somehow(And americans have heard it again and again before) “Failing to pay their fair share,

Radical left wing ideology aligns with the president

After president barack obama was reelected, communist parties usa(Cpusa)Alpha dog sam webb wrote an oped called”Democracy slides out on top, in breathlessly excited ‘language’, he was quoted saying:

“Had romney won the obama administration and the republicans the congress, it would have accelerated to warp drive a capitalist class counterrevolution a about face seventy years of social progress,

His praise has also been heaped upon labor unions, many of whom met nowadays with president obama this week, as through josh boak of the fiscal times.Important, in addition to tellingly, sam webb stated in which

“Afl cio and its allies are organizing actions against a bipartisan resolution that falls on professional,

This is about the what are known as”Class Ralph Lauren Italia have difficulty”Related to karl marx.

Webb was not fueling about the massive push by labor unions, because presidential ballots were cast and counted, the afl cio has hosted throughout 60″Insure our future”Rallies so far that are aimed toward protecting entitlement programs from spending cuts and ensuring that the lower tax rates first enacted under george w.Bush expire for wealthy families,

The category struggle and obamaphones

Educational institutions have been pushing the anti capitalist message and america needs to wake up to this insidious truth.The actual video recently posted by campus reform which highlights students reacting to president obama’s reelection.

It must be seen to be thought to be(Indicator:Explicit speech)

Is this the america that you would like?

Where do pupils learn about the joys of socialism and communism?Good reason, their educators, as expected!

Consider what professor grover furr of montclair state university said of soviet union leader joseph stalin:

If you’ve not figured it out by now, the era of the”Class trouble” (Npotentially”Class fight their way”Along with”Class competition”), Is historically because of Communist Karl Marx(In terms of term”Consume the rich”Is credited to socialist and father of french revolution jean jacques rousseau).For the majority of, the national dialogue surrounding this ideology seems to adapt depending on who is in the white house.

Taxing the wealthy for reasons”Justness”Is definitely ddefinitely typically has always beeningenuous.The wealth creators would be giving more assets to the wealth”Wasters, previously four years, the was unsuccessful”Green obama’s stimulation, the escalating bureaucracy(See the vehicles security administration for just one example), The record variety of Americans on food stamps, The not sustainable entitlement programs(Devoid of the plan of reform), And the massive debt are illustrative of how the United States authorities has failed America economically;In spite of that, it is several way”Wonderful”To give this behemoth greater expense?Is this really the most effective?

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